Play the most dangerous game.

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is a turn-based strategy game focused on tactical movement around small maps. Get it now free (no ads or IAPs) on iOS, Android, or for your Amazon Fire.

“One of the quirkiest but also one of the most tactical roguelikes on mobile.”
TouchArcade, Game of the Week

“It’s about smart movements and clever attacks . . . It’s hard, it’s fun, and that’s great.”
PocketGamer, 5 Best New Games

“The game keeps shaking things up, shifting from clockwork stealth to a chess take on Bomberman.”
TechRadar, Best Free Strategy Games for Android

“[T]here’s a lot going on here, with cleverly designed rules, and plenty of variety in the challenges you face.”
TechRadar, Best Free iPhone Game of the Week

“[I]t takes time for the rules to click, and for you to master the game’s various strategies and weapons. Throughout, though, it’s a masterpiece.”
Macworld (Best Free iPhone Games 2020, #15)

BHSL is a “wonderfully pared-back, turn-based roguelike … clearly a labour of love for the small team at Stay Inside Games.”
Metro UK (Best New Mobile Games)

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is not just a cool name for a game, but also a pretty fun high-score chasing roguelike.”

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is sure to be a new mobile classic.”