Privacy Policy

Stay Inside Games is Nick Podsiadlik and Amy Manning. We are hobbyists who do not make a living with games or the internet, and we have no personal interest in you. Sorry. We really do not want your information. To that end, our game, Bounty Hunter Space Lizard (“BHSL”), uses your information as little as possible.

What information do we collect and why?

Personally identifying information:

You got BHSL from an app store. To do that, you had to give the app store certain account information. We do not attempt to collect this information, but we do use the different app stores’ functions to make sure that you got BHSL from that store rather than pirating it. Thus, we implicitly send your account identifier to the app store to verify that you obtained the app from the store.

We do not otherwise collect or use any identifying information.

Anonymized information:

The app stores automatically collect and give us anonymized information to tell us when the game crashed and what device it was running on. This helps us make the game better, i.e., less crashy.

Storage policies:

We do not intentionally store your data at all. To the extent that your data is kept by Google, Apple, or Amazon in their respective app store, we will not copy, store, extend the storage life, or otherwise encourage the storage of your data.

How do I ask you to delete my information?

We do not, to our knowledge, actually have your information to delete. If you’re feeling paranoid (and we often feel paranoid too!) and want us to dig around and verify that we really cannot get any of your information, please email for soothing reassurance.

If you want Apple, Google, or Amazon to delete any information they may have about you, then please refer to their privacy policies:

What if I have more questions?

Contact us.